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Players Union
I call for the motions below;

"An emergency election is called for Officer of the Players Union"

I "Raymond" move these motions, these motions are 2nd by "lordkiller".
Members can call a spill on these motions by 17/09/2018 otherwise the motions are passed.

On another note please welcome "Max.z TNG" to the Players Union.
Section 5: Elections/Motions

"An election is in process, please nominate with a 2nd'er before the due date".
Members must nominate by 01/10/2018.

Also on this note;
I "Raymond" wish to run for Officer of the Player Union, this is 2nd by "lordkiller".
I would like to thank the Players Union base for this re-election with 100% of the vote, I will continue to serve the PU under the charter and support positive change for the Players Union members and in general the players of the servers. There will be a future policy announcement on this term targets along with an appointment of a 2nd officer.

Also I would like to welcome the 51st member to the Players Union, that player being the great "Big Gambino"
Press Statement #00001
Date: 01/10/18 at 0323 NZST

This is a total Coup attempt, this is your one chance to stop this subsequent uprising. Until recent times we have been striving with the new leadership until recent times with server troubles out of our hands. This is your warning before a cease and desist is issued by the Federal Court. Under new leadership the Players Union has reached new heights of community engagement from "go fizzle you cunt, you may be chairman but you're still a cunt" to "hahah fucking chairman 1aters p1g" , this is significant proof of community growth and engagement.

So please stop this coup attempt and rejoin the current governing body to further develop this community and to see it to its full potential.
Thank You.

Players Union Chairman

Letter written by secretary Matt also known as (ttaM)
Today members words are;

PU officers/members are above all admins morally, its just a simple fact. They should bow to us.
Today members words are;

"Where there is admins, there is scandal."
What is wrong with you Raymond.
Long live Players Union
First of all I would like to welcome our newest members below;


Hopefully your time here is long and peaceful.

Also the PU would like to announce we are concern about the increase mute times on the servers which have been increasing over the last few months.
where do i sign up

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