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TTT loading screen idea
I messaged turtle about this privately but seeing as he never got back I was wondering what everyone else thought

Quick backstory to avoid a 700 word paragraph, when Aus-GF had their TTT server, I designed a loading screen that was based on old postcards, but it never came through I think due to them wanting to use the loading screen as a big page ad

Here was the mockups I designed, I still have the original PSD's and I think with some rebranding and touch-ups they would work well with DS

With mapname text filled in:
 [Image: fbKPWun.jpg][Image: 6A0niCS.jpg]

With mapname filled with images - different font
[Image: 8zy8jXv.jpg][Image: OIyaCai.jpg]
[Image: heymoon502_1_1.gif]
[Image: wKWoe1r.jpg]

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