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Ban Question
I am confused on why I got banned just now from the Jailbreak server. I was just playing and I got banned out of the blue after ChewBaker telling me to stop something. I asked him what he was talking about and how to private message so I could reply but he did not respond. I recently joined the server and I was starting to get into the groove. I'd like to know the ban reason so I can explain myself or try to appeal it.


Edited: Found the admin who banned me so I could specify who.
u were banned for ‘bhop scripts’
The message was me warning you to turn off your auto jump, something along the lines of "Turn off your scripts"

You were still being flagged by our automated system a map later so I banned you.
[Image: CV9aEND.gif]
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Hello, please refrain from using these types of scripts on the server. You have been unbanned.

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