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vice's unban req(ill take this seriously)
Name: vice

Server or CTban: server.

Which Server (e.g JB1): all.

Reason for the ban: exposing map secrets.

Banning admin: ONIONZZZ

Why should you be unbanned: first I would like to apologize for causing grief towards the staff team of Domination Servers by putting them down by the way they did there best to help the community on this server. I would also like to apologize to any players that I have put down or offended.
I'm also sorry for releasing the document of the map secrets that me and my friends had created, I now realize that it didn't help and it wasn't something that I should have done because it wouldn't help the staff members or me in any way.
Thank you - vice
Denied. You've got a long history of bans and you continue to re-offend, it shows me that you haven't learnt your lesson. Reapply in a month.

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