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false banned ????????
Name: sun

SteamID2 (use to find): STEAM_0:0:517252675

Server or CTban: MG

Which Server (e.g JB1): MG

Reason for the ban: said I was vulture (as a joked lmao)

Banning admin: Winnie

Why should you be unbanned: because I got banned for saying I was vulture as a joke, wouldn't expect to be banned and also being ip banned is also a little too much for being a joke.
Hi Sun, 
My reasoning to ban you was just more than you saying you were a vulture alt, although you did say that with no hint of irony or a joke. 
I also noticed that you ban evaded no more than 15 minutes after being banned, which is a serious offence. 
It looks like you're spook and not vulture, so for this you will be unbanned, but closely watched. 
thread closed.
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