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Zonical power trip
Admin: Zonical

Time of Incident: Tue 13:39:54pm Los Angeles

Evidence: Well i can't see the logs anymore but the message i sent was "(Private to Crycelia) ZoNiCaL: why dont you stop being butthurt alright? you\'re making this up to be something that it really" 

Details of the Incident: Before the gag, i killed craigy for rebelling, he was coming out of cells and on top floor and jumped down and was knifing a ct. He was killed and it was no freekill. I'm playing the game knowing it isn't a freekill so i don't really pay attention to chat. I'm pretty sure Zonical during that time messages me saying why did i kill craigy. First problem with this is there was no point in asking that question, a simple KC would've shown a delay in the t's movement to the allocated location. Zonical proceeds to slay me for no apparent reason, i of course not knowing what happened, ask in admin chat. That part was mostly me complaining saying stuff like "????????" or swearing. Zonical tells me to stop using admin chat or "something worse is going to happen". I of course as a good citizen, stop using admin chat and move to main chat. I say "(Private to Crycelia) ZoNiCaL: why dont you stop being butthurt alright? you\'re making this up to be something that it really" which he previously messaged me. I follow up the message with two more things which i forgot and i get gagged. First gag was 2 minutes, during that time i ask in admin chat for why i was gagged. Zonical proceeds to ungag me, only to make it 5 minutes. I don't see how the gags are even necessary to anything, saying 2 messages that's not spam only my speech gets me gagged. Other *things* like boko were spamming it too and were got off scot free. Well as i got fREEE-gagged, i ask in admin chat, during that time was when Zoncial extended my gag (even thought it literally does nothing to admin chat). I start complaining, no one responds for a while until BigDucky says something along the lines like "That's enough". I say a bit more shit until i got ungagged which then i stopped talking in admin chat and dip.

Zonical has been trial for like 3 weeks so i thought he'd be at least not dumb enough to power trip but apparently not. This is another one of those, "aww my feelings got hurt so i'll put him down" things. i can understand Zonical's feelings that he got hurt but i don't thinks it's right to go on a power trip after that. I mean he PM's people a shit tonne. "" " (Private to BOKO) ZoNiCaL: You\'ve been nothing but toxic to me for no apparent reason and I\'d like for you to stop."

Just not long ago i was in unit cave or the other one with turtle and the other peeps and we were on MG trying to get Lotudussds to freemute or whatever. Well this time i guess it was successful LOL.
[Image: yFser3p.jpg]
Thanks for submitting this staff complaint. after reviewing the demo and the chat logs I noticed a few things. After killing craigy you were asked what the reason behind killing him was, twice. He gave you a total of 33 seconds to respond before slaying you. You say the /kc would of shown enough but from ZoNiCaL's point of view he didn't see enough and wanted so he messaged you for more information. I noticed you weren't so happy so you messaged admin chat. After being told why you were slayed you continued to message admin chat saying things like "use your head". You were told that staff complaints go to the forums. You were gagged for copying and spam pasting PMs from ZoNiCaL in all chat even after being asked to stop. We've talked to ZoNiCaL about the aggressive messages he sent you during this situation. The reason he extended your gag to 5 minutes was he believed 2 was too short. I've talked to him about following the muting/gagging procedure correctly. At the end of the day you've got to remember, you are complaining about a staff who is in the trial period. The trial period is about learning and making mistakes. ZoNiCaL has learnt a lesson from this situation. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you believe theres something I missed, or you would like to talk about this situation more please feel free to message me on discord.

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