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Ban req for

SteamID2: STEAM_1:1:517230711 
Time of Incident: 4/10/2019 2am 

Server(e.g. JB1): server 2 

Reason for the ban: possible aimlock

Dustin3k = Nayeon
Change = suspect
Bee = Thofbee

Evidence: (due to demo reviews being 32tick it may not be as accurate as having recorded from spectator during game) As I was coming from pool the suspect decided to rush to gun room and grab a awp 
around 0:10-0:11 of the video i was coming back. thats when he aimed at Dustin3k(nayeon) which at the time when he shot me. I was closer to him which triggered his aimbot to lock on to me instead of Dustin3k and the reason which it didn't lock on to bee (thousands of bees) is due to the fact the roof is wallbangable, but the location of both (thofbee) and our suspect the line up makes it impossible for the bullet to reach and deal a head shot amount of damage as seen in the image. which the aimbot finds the next nearest target that it can kill instantly, which is me as I had just got closer to the suspect than (Nayeon) this led to the aimbot targeting me instead.  

due to the image refusing to upload dm me on discord for the image
As you can see in the first image you are not closer to him when he shoots you nayeon is so that alone debunks your theory on his 'aimlock', and in the second image you can see that a awp shot through the glass of gunroom does deal lethal damage even with a body shot which means if he was cheating it would of locked onto nayeon as nayeon is closer to his crosshair. It's quite clearly just a lucky shot as hacks can not influence the in-accuracy of a weapon

also also aimlocks don't shoot whoevers closest to the user they shoot the person closest to the crosshair (that's why it would of locked onto nayeon)
vent cell hyphen spray
please explain how it hit me. I've tested the inaccuracy of the AWP with a blurred scope and none of the shots even went in that direction
This is being investigated,

While being ingame with them, this player was also doing coloured text which is a chance he was using some sort of hack but at the same time, legitimate users can also attempt this through a copy and paste (seems to only work on S2, not on S1).
Whilst spectating "", I've noticed that he may be using some sort of assisted bhop(or some auto-jump ahk) and potential wallhacks. Just to further explain the first clip I was spectating him at the time but went back to look at the demo to see if he was walling. Slow - Motion lock on:
Sooo am I still right about the aimbot?
He was permed. Not from this video but his account has been linked to alts which were banned for hacking. Sooo. I guess?

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