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UnBan request
Name: Dods

Steam ID(use to find):

Sourcebans or CTban: 1 Source Ban (i think thats what its called)

Which Server (e.g JB1): I got banned on jailbreak server 1

Reason for the ban: I was banned for a duplicate account becauase on another account i had bhop script.

Banning admin: Panel

Why should you be unbanned: To start this off im so fucking angry with my self for having the bhop script in the first place and I should never have downloaded it. I should be unbanned becuase I have always loved jailbreak and since most of the other jailbreak servers are shit, this one is the only one I play. I love this community and would hate to never see it again, please give me a chance. Sorry for any inconvnience I have caused.
G'day dods/shithead,

Due to your honesty, we have decided to reduce the otherwise permanent ban to expire one month from today. The alt will remain banned, should you attempt to evade the ban with any of your other accounts, the ban will be re-instated as permanent.

[Image: 76561198169992125.png]

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