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I am new to jailbreak and I hope I can find a place in this community

Heart dotx
lol dotx
[Image: nufty.png]
Welcome to Domination Servers dudx!

We hope you enjoy your stay :)
Hold on ur not new, swear I've seen u somewhere..
fuck dotx
~admin law aint about likeability its about equality baby~
- Mannnggg
Welcome mate
[Image: giphy.gif]
It's everyday bro, with the Disney Channel flow
5 mill on YouTube in 6 months, never done before
Passed all the competition man, PewDiePie is next
Man I'm poppin' all these checks, got a brand new Rolex
And I met a Lambo too and I'm coming with the crew
This is Team 10, bitch, who the hell are flippin' you?

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