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Sub's CT Unban Appeal.
Name: Subb

Steam ID(use to find): 76561198111565073

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban: Mass Freekill.

Banning admin: It was 3 months ago, I cant exactly remember.

Why should you be unbanned: Hello, I was recently unbanned from the domination community and servers. Before my unban I was CTbanned for a month or so. I used to be stupid and always do mass freekills, now I wasn't the best CT and I was always freekilling and mass freekilling as an attention seek. I've changed a lot now, I've read over the rules plenty of times, and understand the concept of CT and how it works. I understand that if I break anymore rules on CT I will be banned again.

But I believe that I will be able to CT without issues, and never pull a mass free kill or any other rule breaks intentionally again. I am really sorry for what I have caused on CT in the past few months, and will be sure to never do it again if I am given another chance on CT.

Thank you and I will be sure to follow the rules on CT, if you give me a second chance.

"bit of a dud"
I don't know if I remember correctly but weren't you the person mass freekiling Ts in cells round after round? I'd call that more than bit of a dud. Please explain

Sorry for the mistake.

You have been unbanned. However, please note that this was your fourth mass freekilling ban, getting a fifth will result in a permanent server ban.

[Image: b_560x95.png]

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