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i always wanted to be mod
- What is your in-game name? mrzurls
- What is your Steam ID (e.g STEAM_0:1:179306077
- How old are you? 13

- Previous (if any) Admin/Moderator experience? no (only a bit on my server)

- How many hours do you currently have on our servers? 51

- How would you rate your availability time 1-10? 10 being always around 6 now because i got school

- Why do you think you should be a staff member on Exile because i wont abuse and i will be proud

- As a staff member, describe how you would make a difference in Exile by getting hackers banned i will not let then join until they stop hacking

- A player has accused you of abuse, he is threatening to alert the Staff to get you banned. How do you react? chill

- You have just arrived on scene, a player has been accused of cheating/glitching on the server. The other players want this player to get banned. What do you do? tell them to tell a story what happened
Well if you want to try to get mod then you need to post it where it should be, here is a step by step guide on where to post it, right here .
1. It’s funny how nufty has been gone for so long he has no idea who this is

2.  Nufty is trying very hard to be accepted back into the community

3. Nufty doesn’t realise this is an application template for another  fucking server
Locked cause Dumbasses Be Dumbasses.
apply here

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