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Zurls MUTE Request (ik it's not a ban but don't know where to put mutes)
Name : ⓂMrⓏZurlS2014 ⓏueS

Steam ID :

Time of Incident: Yesterday - Today and all of the other times

Server(e.g. JB1): MG

Reason for the Mute : Constantly begs for credits (as admins already know) but previously over the past about 2 days has got a music thing for cs : go and it's so annoying. Also recently (don't have evidence but next time he ask's i'll screenshot) Zurls has been asking me to buy things for him from the store like trails or glow. I do have this clip of him from just now playing music however. 

Evidence :

[Image: car_ridao.gif]
Hi, unlike JB, MG doesn't have a warden / anything that needs to be heard. There was no evidence in this clip of people actually complaining about it, it wasn't like it was earrape/spam either. If it is just you that doesn't want to hear it, you can always mute him through the client.

If you have evidence of him continuing to beg for credits, attach that too.
[Image: b_560x95.png]

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