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MystGP Unban Request
Name: MystGP 

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:0:238102178

Sourcebans or CTban: Source

Which Server (e.g JB1): Source

Reason for the ban: Helping nufty ban evade

Banning admin: Turtle

Why should you be unbanned: 
After getting banned for a couple of months, for cheating etc. I have been banned again, here today by helping Nufty ban evade (like a ranga). I have learned my lessons on cheating and ban evading, after playing this server for a long time, it is broken through to me that I can't go without playing this server at least once a week. Also, I would like to point out that Nufty had no intentions of ban evading after me getting banned because we are really good friends and he did feel really bad. Right now I am helping him towards getting unbanned with myself as well. I know I have ban evaded over the time that I have been banned and now thinking back on it, I feel that it is very wrong of what I have done, the people and server have decided to ban me because of my selfish, never learning behaviours. I would be happy to cooperate with the staff members for catching out hackers with required evidence as I know what cheats look like. I would also be happy to cooperate with the team with cheats and letting them know more and how to detect/look for cheats. Over the time that I have been banned, I have matured. I have matured from being a child to someone who can comprehend surroundings and how to cope with things. I am very sorry from ban evading, to cheating while I was ban evading. Cheating is one of those things that I shouldn’t have done because it grants me an unfair advantage over other players. As the population grows on the server, I am missed out on the fun that I had for over 200 hours. This is also I think that many staff don’t know about, when I get LR or the last few alive, when all of the players are spectating me, I show glitches that should be fixed, this is very selfish behaviour from me as people spend time finding glitches/map secrets and should just be given out like this. I will be helpful finding glitches and help you guys fixing them, whether it’s a pixel walk or a place without a wall, I will be helpful to help fix these things. I have done some bad choices as helping other people ban evade when I am banned, that is truly because I wanted to have fun with friends. Now, most of my friends are unbanned and I am left out when they are on DS. I now play with my other friends on games like Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, GTA etc. but CS:GO is one of my favourite games, I love the mechanics, the skill required, comp, and most of all, community servers. I love playing servers like HvH, Minigames, DS and more, but DS is in my top 2. I play server 2 anyways, I think I have less than 5 hours on server one, this shows how I barely obey the rules as barely any admins come on server 2, I have never cried about people breaking the rules on server 2 except for like mass free killing/free killing every round etc. But now to wrap it all up, do I deserve to be unbanned? No, not really, I have done a lot of things that harm the community and more bad than good, but some of these good are giving my friends a happy time on the server together. I have never gotten access to a file or doc to map secrets, exploits, or anything. I found all of the ones myself, or watching other people do it. I remember going on spectate just to see someone do maze on Wazza. In the end, I want to get back on DS and play with all of my friends. 

I would like to thank,

Xeno, Nufty, Molesto, Vice, Sus, Lemon, Harry, Speedy, Bonk, Donk, Aplicix
For playing with me to help me find fun.


+1 He has Changed a lot since when I ban evaded, Even though he has helped me ban evade I take full responsibility.
MystGP, I will reduce your ban to 9 days from now.

However you are on one month probation. If you so much as CT stack you may be re-permed from the server.

One month probation starts when you first join the server unbanned.


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