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ONIONZZ - wtaf
Name: Zyth
Steam ID(use to find): id/Zythy/ or 76561198289405363

Sourcebans or CTban: Source

Which Server (e.g JB1):  JB1

Reason for the ban: None stated

Banning admin: ONIONZZ

Why should you be unbanned: This was unjustified. I was on the server and I was asked 2 rather personal questions - what is my graphics card and if I am playing fullscreen or windowed. I then was asked by onionzz when the last time I upgraded my graphics drivers. I had said "that's a bit personal" then i was what I thought had timed out, but got kicked. then I tried to join back. I was then banned - for no reason what so ever. This is bullshit and the staff team need to sort their shit out. 

Warm regards, Zyth

I have been unbanned but wish to follow up with a staff complaint. Thanks.

I've been banned again.
staff complaint on a ownerr@3f and its a hour ban stop shitting
he's legit the owner bud, bruh
Hello, the server was crashing 90% of the people who joined, i believe the onion was asking you as you were still able to join without crashing

In all honesty the ban does not matter as you wouldn't have been able to play the server as 0 people were on
You knew I was testing to fix the server, refusing to answer basic questions, and by the way, they're not even personal. And trying to somehow play Jailbreak in the process when we're the only 2 people on.

I think this is a troll,
either way who cares, not me fam.

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