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How to make a Jailbreak map
Hi everyone,

Over the past 2 years people have wanted some sort of guideline or requirements or some information on where to start with a JB map, so in this thread I'll sort of explain / outline a few things. These are what we follow / try and abide by, I've been asked many times for a thread like this but I haven't wanted to do it as I wanted mapper freedom.

Some musts:
- Multiple cells (for example of what NOT to do, look at Voodoo)
- Stick to realism (our maps generally look like real locations, so new maps must stick with this theme as our JB play style revolves around a less gimmicky experience)
- Games have to be spread out / cannot be thrown together like a minigames map
- Keep cell weapons to a minimal, we switched almost all of our maps over to tasers rather than pistols
- Games can be crazy but have to make sense for the map
- Map has to be fairly decent in size, big enough to have distinct sections
- Gunroom must not be quick to enter for a T at the start of the round (disregarding vents)
- Vents cannot be overpowering for the T team
- Should be able to accommodate 50 or more players
- Must not contain advertisements or inappropriate decals/materials
- No or very minimal global sounds
- Map secrets should not be easily activated / replicated round after round (I don't see a problem with crazy or wacky secrets, though)
- Every map if selected for rotation must have a coloured banner, which one of the staff will render
- You must be willing to support the map post release as bugs / glitches / issues arise

I'll edit / update this later.
update when???

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