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Name: OhVpr

Steam ID(use to find):STEAM_1:0:240758792

Sourcebans or CTban: Sourceban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: N/A

Banning admin: N/A

Why should you be unbanned: I clicked on the server loaded in and then was banned, it just told me to come to website so idk

If i could get some enlightenment on the reason id discuss it further but im not sure exactly what this could be.
You have been banned as you were linked to another account which was been banned for injecting Bhop hacks on the server seen here :
On you to explain this link ;)
Hey thanks for the reply Jas, sorry im to seem like a bit stupid but i dont think another acc that is hooked to me should give my main account penalties even if ur accusation is correct can we talk more on that?
It's pretty simple. To stop people from just creating a new account every time they are banned. Punishments are linked to your own IP address. Unless you have a plausible and provable reason as to why these two accounts are linked to each other and proving that you are not the same person that hacked on our server the ban will stand.
Look mate the fact of the matter is an account that is attached to me was banned for apparent "Bhop Injection" ima take full responsibility of the issue as it has happened on my IP Address and on an Account that is attached to me the only reason that account is attached to me and the only reason i have it is for my cousin who comes and visits me once a week and likes to play the games i play since he doesnt have that luxury if it was so that acc was scripting so be it i dont doubt ur admins would lie about such a matter and take it very seriously but i dont think their was any intention of ruining/disrupting the game and or fun for anyone i feel it was just used to get a slight edge since he doesnt get to play much obviously the consequences of his actions was something he never thought of and didnt realise it was a bannable offense to both parties so i apologise for the matter and am asking for a second chance on behalf of myself and possibly my cousin, Thank you.

Just gonna barge into this thread, - just need to point out the amount of bullshit you're spilling out
(11-08-2019, 02:46 PM)Jas8621 Wrote: You have been banned as you were linked to another account which was been banned for injecting Bhop hacks on the server seen here :
On you to explain this link ;)

From this banned alt account Jas has supplied, clearly you are the owner of this account ( yet you're claiming it was your "cousin"
Yeh think u needa barge out or properly read what i wrote

As i clearly stated i made that account hence why i also have a phone number attached to it the same as my main acc if i was planning to "break the rules" i dont think i would have a bunch of stuff linking it to my main account, But thank you for clarifying who the owner of the account is.
Nayeon this is a prime reason of why we don't allow people who aren't involved with the ban to message consider this a warning.

Vpr, Considering I have no way to prove your story as truthful or not I'll give you the benefit of the doubt should you be able to arrange a meeting with one of our senior admins/operators, yourself and your cousin. If we can establish that their is a third party involved I shall unban only your account but should anything suspicious be found afterwards your permanent ban will be re-instated.

Next time your cousin is over please message a senior admin or operator in this discord Preferably me so we can sort this out.


EDIT: Post Meeting on discord "Ohvpr" Has been unbanned.

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