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_rapids CT Ban Req.
Name: _rapids

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban: CT Ban

Which Server  (e.g JB1 & JB2): JB1

Reason for the ban: Mass Freekill

I joined the server after playing some competitive and I joined to (i believe) Darkhorse being the only CT to about 23 T's. I genuinely misunderstood the situation. He told me they were "upset about 'something'". And he was repetitively opening cells ASAP and letting war days happen over and over. He then joked he was going to mass freekill and I just unknowingly went along with it. 

I do realise my actions, caught in the moment entirely and not understanding what was happening lead to me and him trying to mass freekill as an incentive to RTV. It was obviously really dumb.

I've been trying to tread lightly on the server taking slays and listening to staff. I don't enjoy playing as T nearly as much as I do CT. Although I'm a bad warden and awkward over mic I try my hardest. 

The server has come to be a frequent past time since I started playing, roughly a month ago. I value it, and realise I truely fucked up. I don't get out much and when I'm home, JB is my go to time to interact with people and I just sincerely don't enjoy playing as T, so this ban has alot of weight on me. 

Please atleast consider, as I see myself to only be minor member of the community. ;/ Thanks for taking your time to read.

Sorry freekilling bans like yours are neither reduced nor removed. Please wait out the duration of your ban.


Regards Longy.

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