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Dappo Unban Request
Name: Dappo


Server: JB2

Ban Reason: Auto bhop

Banning Admin: It was the server

I think i should be unbanned because it was a dumb mistake i made by accident and im sorry for my action, but i used to play on those servers every day all day basically and its the first time i was banned other then a CTban i got and im sorry for my actions so please unban me
It's been over a month since you've been banned and over a month since you've last ban evaded,
both of these offences are very serious on DS, and caught doing either again will get you another permanent ban with possibly no appeal.
I've reduced your ban to end from a month from now as it'll be two months served by then.

Thanks for admitting to your actions, if you have any troubles with your ban after it's up please contact a senior admin+ on the official DS discord only.
[Image: wb_transparent.png]

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