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ok ct ban request
Name : ok

Steam ID : couldnt get steam id but got steam url

Time of Incident: 8/10  6pm

Server(e.g. JB1): jb2

Reason for the ban : ct smoking because i killed generic_lee who failed to" crouch walk to a place"which were ok's orders and anyways generic_lee even said "just kill me" after anyways
Evidence : the new link is
Sorry but this video is very messy, could you please provide more context as to what happened before the video started?
Can't tell if the crouch walking was apart of a game or not, but it also looks like cage jump was being played.
[Image: wb_transparent.png]
new link
(10-08-2019, 06:28 PM)LDestroyer Wrote: ok ill upload full capture
[Image: wb_transparent.png]

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