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Unban Request
Name: sus

Steam ID: 76561198304976163

Sourcebans or CTban: Source Ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): Both

Reason for the ban: Revealing map secrets

Banning admin: Anthonyy

Why should you be unbanned: About one month ago I was perm banned by Anthony for posting map secrets in game chat. I have been playing Domination Servers for about 600 Hours and this is my first ban I have received (including ct bans). This was very dumb of me and I promise I will never do something like that ever again. This is one of my favourite servers and hopefully I'll get back to playing it. I am sorry for posting the map secrets document to everyone in Mini Games and admins  at the time. 

Serious offences like this will never be forgotten. If you mess up again you will be removed from the community with no chance of being let back in.

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