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dream regime admin abuse
Quote:Admins name : dream regime

Time of incident :8:56pm 7/8/19

Evidence :10 min mute and a threat after complaining about it "(Private to goomba) dotx: ill give you a longer one. get out of admin chat"

Details of the incident : i was playing on server 1 and dream regime was warden. he was not giving orders so i gave orders then he told me to shut up and i responded with something along the lines of "well you weren't giving orders so i did". He then proceeded to give  me a 10 min mute and as a result of that i was swapped of ct at the end of the round. and when dotx warned me by saying something along the lines of "if i see any and i mean ANY nazi actions from you there will be consequences" i responded  in admin chat that i had already received a 10 min mute for barley disrespecting an admin that hates me with a passion for no reason he said "(Private to goomba) dotx: ill give you a longer one. get out of admin chat" 
Hello, I watched the demo of the incident, and it appears you were trying to take control of the round as the warden was giving orders. This caused confusion and chaos for all CTs and Ts. You can't jump in and take over for no reason. The warden WAS giving orders at the time, there was no big gap of silence.
In regards to being nazi, In the demo, the PM from dotx seems to be justified. If i was on the server and saw the way you were killing Ts, I would have given you a warning aswell.

I spoke to some of the admins on the time and they explained to me that you were constantly interrupting orders and being nazi throughout the map, and this is justification for you being swapped.

I also noticed some toxicity towards you from some admins, and I will be talking to them about this.

I will leave this thread unlocked if you care to respond with anything further.

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