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Unban Request
Name: General Cho

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:1:44986314

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: 12th CT ban

Why should you be unbanned: I believe I have learnt from my mistakes as CT, I will not intentionally be a bad CT and promise to  follow the rules from now on such as, not doing map secrets, throwing smokes or turning on FF, gun room camping or mic spamming. I am also very sorry for the inconvenience and trouble I have caused to admins and players of the server.thank you
This is your 12th CT ban and second permanent CT ban.
As I'm sure you have figured out by now your bans are so long due to your continuous and ignorant displayed lack of regards towards the DS community and its jailbreak rule-set.

Over your time here at Dominationservers you have:
-Mass freekilled twice
-CT Smoked twice
-Intentionally disadvantaged the CT's twice
-One ban for gunroom camping
-Mass freekilled via Friendly fire
-Performed map secrets as CT
-Received two bans for general "Dud" gameplay
-Received 14 Chat Gags
-Received 42 mic Mutes

You have created 5 Unban requests, 4 of which were denied. It is clear to me that you have learned nothing of value from these denied unban requests as your gameplay has led to repeated bans, gags and mutes. In these unban requests it is also clear to see that you don't even care for what you are writing nor do you mean what you are saying considering I have already put more effort into this single response then you have for all five of your unban requests combined.
If you really cared about doing anything but breaking the rules and ruining the fun of other players around you, you would have used any single one of the multitudes of opportunities the admin team has given you to amend your ways and prove yourself a valuable member of this community.

As of right now I am Denying your application but I shall leave the post open for no longer then one week awaiting a response from you and should you be able to give a good enough response We might consider reducing your ban so that you might one day be able to play CT again but thus far I have very little faith.

Denied Awaiting response.
Hi Jas8621

I understand I have broken many rules and been a nuisance to the community but as you saw my previous unban requests, I was not taking the issue seriously and my behavior in general is very disrespectful to admins and players.
I believe since my diagnosis of autism , in time my symptoms such as inappropriate social interaction and unawareness of others emotions have been majorly reduced, making me understand the ramifications of my actions and the effect it has on players and moderators. I appreciate the opportunity to make a response and not simply closing the thread so thank you for that.
After reviewing your response we have come to the conclusion that your response is unsatisfactory to warrant an unban so for the forseeable future you will remain Banned.
Do not apply for an unban within 2 months.

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