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Freekilling, dud and ect
Name: landodger

Steam ID(use to find):76561198873764166

Sourcebans or CTban: Ctban

Which Server (e.g JB1): Jb2

Reason for the ban: Freekilling, dud ect

Banning admin: Turtle

Why should you be unbanned: Hello domination server admins. You may have seen me repetitively through the community known as the kid always breaking the rules, scripting ect. I'm here to apologise and i know that apologies don't matter. I've always been a rule breaking around the servers and would like to note that I'm on the mend to become, less nazi, non freekilling and more lenient among the community. I will note that I do love playing counter-terrorists and am more than willing to give orders and conduct rounds. I have spent some of my time reading through the rules properly and realising the mistakes I have made in the past. I always wish to improve in-game and I try my best to not break the rules. As reading through the rules i know the annoyance admins and the community must feel when I break the rules, ruining the experience for the t's. I am remorseful of these actions and for the 7th time ._. will not break the rules any longer. I apologise for the inconvenience you've had with me and I wish to play in harmony with the admins and ts. I realise my actions now and wish to play again.

Kind Regards, mane. 
I will reduce your ban to expire on wednesday.

If you are Ctbanned again it will be for 2 months
Ctban has been reinstated

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