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Koalafied Unban Request :angel:
Name: Koalafied

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:0:133886092

Sourcebans or CTban: Sourcebans

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: "Perf: 92.1% || Avg: 1.2 / 463.1 || Koalafied<510>" I think it was mainly due to me bhopping for a straight 1-3mins on a free day as i got disconnected by the server while bhopping .

Banning admin: Panel 

Why should you be unbanned: I looked at the bans section and saw that my account is banned by Panel which confused me. I've been playing consistently for a while now using my 'scroll as jump' and have not been banned ever for whatever reason, so i think I've been unjustly banned by the panel. I'll really appreciate it if you resolve this situation for me.

The ban was placed automatically as you were hitting close to double running speed and above 92.5% of bhops off a seeming 1 or 2 jump commands per jump. This level is quite clearly not just a scroll wheel attempt at bhopping and is some injected form of bhop assistance.

You may reapply once you've learnt to own up to your mistakes and be truthful in your appeals.

[Image: b_560x95.png]

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