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DAT GUY unban request
Name: DAT GUY 

Steam IDSTEAM_0:0:139833678

Sourcebans or CTban: CT ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Massy

Banning admin: Tealkine

Why should you be unbanned: 
It was a complete mistake and I do take full responsibility for my actions, I had been on my computer for about 3 - 4 hours and had joined jailbreak, started of as T and realized there was a spot on CT so I thought I would join. Now I had been using my mic the rest of the time that I was on my computer and it worked perfectly but I didn't realize it had stopped working after I had joined CT. So the round started and I thought, why not be warden this round. So that's exactly what I did or what I thought it did. Now this is there part where I thought that I had gave orders because I had no idea that my mic wasn't working so, after I gave orders Purple Alpaca gave orders and me not knowing that my mic wasn't working was like dude why are you giving orders I just gave them but as you know my mic wasn't working. So he gave orders to go to kitchen and I (keyword) thought that I had gave orders. So as the T's went to kitchen I thought I gave original orders so I started to shoot the T's in kitchen as I thought I had given original orders to go to pit. So I did Massy and I take full responsibility and it was completely my fault. I'm not asking for a full unban but even just it being reduced would be great! 

DAT GUY    Big Grin
[Image: car_ridao.gif]
Thanks for taking responsibility,
Be more careful next time.


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