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not sure why or what happened
Name: innocence

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:1:510222094

Sourcebans or CTban: not sure

Which Server (e.g JB1): jailbreak server 1

Reason for the ban: no idea  alt account

Banning admin: not sure  panel 

Why should you be unbanned: I went to join for the first time cause I wanted to try jailbreak out and said you are banned go to  
                                            I saw the ban tab and saw that my account is banned by pannel for being an alt account and I don't understand how or why my account is an alt.
It looks like your account is connected to another account that got banned yesterday for injecting (STEAM_1:1:510298455).
Both accounts have the same IP, which isn't connected to a vpn. 
Until you can give proof that you are not connected to STEAM_1:1:510298455 or own up to your actions, you will stay banned.

Denied, re-appeal in no less than 2 months unless you have proof of no connection.

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