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Duplicate account ban
I believe this to possibly be a false positive

Name: Zenith

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:0:491084222 (My alt: STEAM_1:0:81817128) (My brothers account name is "Olive Garden", I cant supply the steam ID for that account)

Sourcebans or CTban: Source/Perm

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1/all

Reason for the ban: Duplicate account/VPN

Banning admin: PANEL

Why should you be unbanned: I used a VPN (NordVpn) when I joined JB1, It must of auto launched when i restarted my pc,
I got accused of being someone called "resh", I can join discord VC and show that im not this person. 

Thanks for your time.

Discord: Jacuzzi#9012
After speaking to you on discord you have been unbanned.

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