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harry CT Ban Request
Name : harry

Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:458204388

Time of Incident: 2019/07/12 Around 10am and 10:20 Aussie time (2 different incidents)

Server: Jailbreak Server 2

Reason for the ban :
(ba_jail_ds_jailberd_venice_v2) Playing for top 3 in maze, 3 of the T's finish and the winners are decided which are in the winners box when he freekills 1 of the T's inside the finishing box and another T after the warden lets the finishers out. He then tries to attempt to freekill the last T (me), fortunately I LRed before he could do so, but then he slays himself.

(ba_jail_ds_drainage_v3) Last T alive got to LR and in the middle of his LR which he had selected a knife fight with C3PEC, harry uses his awp and shoots the T. Also slaying himself when the new round begins.

I personally think he should be CT banned because he is genuinely ruining the round on purpose by freekilling the T's for absolute no reason, even though he slays himself afterwards it should be no reason and justification to be able to freekill Ts that have done nothing wrong.
Spoiling the fun for some Ts.

Evidence : 2019/07/12 09:23:50 ba_jail_ds_jailberd_venice_v2  (Last round 17300 tick)
And 2019/07/12 10:11:17 ba_jail_ds_drainage_v3  (On open day, on the very first round)

Video evidence: (Note on the jailberd clip, Serenity says "kos whoevers in the maze" but clearly meaning the remaining T inside the maze who had not finished)

Sorry not sure why his steam id is invis without hovering it

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:458204388
Thank you Big Ducky for submitting the ban request after reviewing the evidence provided by you and C3pec has lead to a CTBan on Harry.

Contact Anthonyy if you want some credits.


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