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Harry Ban Request
Name : harry

Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:458204388

Time of Incident: Between 10am - 10:15 am (2 demos)

Server(e.g. JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban : Freewounding and Freekilling 2 T's who finished maze and an attempt to Freekill the last T alive (on jailbird venice). And also killing the Last T due for lr (on drainage). So overall 3 free kills with an attempted 4th but the guy was able to LR just in time.

Evidence : 2 Server Demos
First demo on Jailbreak Venice Tick - 171900 begins here watch till end of demo (only 3 mins long)
Second demo on Drainage Tick - 17000 watch until he awps last T due for lr

2019/07/12 09:23:50 ba_jail_ds_jailberd_venice_v2
2019/07/12 10:11:17 ba_jail_ds_drainage_v3
Thank you C3pec for submitting the ban request after reviewing the evidence provided by you and Ducky has lead to a CTBan on Harry.

Contact Anthonyy if you want some credits.


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