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!drugshop Explained - Properly
!drugshop is a Command where you can buy drugs and ultimately weapons on demand In-game.

When using the !drugshop command you are able to exchange a single max cash-stack on in-Game money ($16000) for one Drug of your choice.
You get to choose between 6 illicit Drugs:
1 - Marijuana
2 - Cocaine
3 - Heroin
4 - Ice
5 - LSD
6 - Cigarettes

When purchasing one of these drugs you exchange $16000 for ONE individual unit of the drug of choice. The exchange rate is increased depending on your level of VIP:
LVL 1 -  2 drugs per $16000
LVL 2  - 3 drugs per $16000
LVL 3 -  4 drugs per $16000
LVL 4 -  5 drugs per $16000
LVL 5 - 6 drugs per $16000

Upon acquiring 50 Units of a particular drug you may exchange those for a weapon with ONE clip.
This weapon is determined by the particular drug you chose to stockpile. ( I will not be explaining what drug gives what weapons go find out)

With your stockpiled drugs you may also place bounties on players heads providing an incentive for other players to hunt them down to collect the reward OR you might want to gamble your drugs with other players for the chance to profit using the "Drugtoss" feature built into the command.

Using this feature you may gamble away your drugs in groups of 5, 10, 25, 50 or all of your drugs at once.
Your drugs are then put into the "drugpool" and your chance of winning is determined based on the percentage of drugs in the drugpool that are owned by you, This means the more drugs you place into the pool the higher the chances that you will win!

If you are confused there is also a help menu within the post that gives a very brief recap oh how the command works.

Please remember that anyone seen abusing exploits with this command may be server banned and their drugs will be wiped.

Thanks to Anthonyy for making a shitter version of this post for me to improve
you know what jas, i like that u have improved anthony’s version 

brownie points to u
(10-07-2019, 08:28 PM)Jas8621 Wrote: Thanks to Anthonyy for making a shitter version of this post for me to improve
ok thank you for explaining the drug systeam, very healpful

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