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Brh2203 Unban Request
Name: Brh2203
Steam id: STEAM_0:1:242570590
Sourcebans or CTban: Sourceban (Perm) 
Which Server : All
Reason for Ban: Doxing Onionzzz
Banning admin: Coinzzz
Why should you be unbanned: 
I have reconciled over what i have done and i would like to make an apology to Onionzzz as what i did was wrong and i regret doing such an immature and shameful thing. I realise that this should warrant some punish admit the ban was justified. Now on to why i think i should be unbanned, nowhere from what i can read within the rules does it say that its a bannable offence to dox someone, and if this ban comes under rule 1 which states.
Quote:"1. Respect others, leave personal attacks out. Any disrespect, racism or discrimination towards other players will entitle you to a mute/kick/ban."
 This rule isn't used to its full extent from what i have experienced on S2, if it were used properly it would constitute almost halving the player base, but is seemingly only used to prevent personal leaks. I personally don't think revealing a personal identifier such as a name will constitute as a personal attack? I hope that if i don't get unbanned at least Onionzzz and the domination servers staff can accept my apology.
You are nothing but a waste of space, never return.

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