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massy lr is dumb and boring
The massy lr is dumb, boring and should be removed. heres why

no skill required
just free kills for
ends in about 5 seconds

The massy is so short and unecessary, you might as well add a "end round" LR.
LR's are meant to be something that is great to work up to, but is never guaranteed to win. This basically throws all that out of the window.
makes me want to kill myself every time I see it

I get vips need to have something actually different but fuck me get rid of  this gay server #2 ideology LR.

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and your point is?
(07-07-2019, 01:03 AM)Garfield Wrote: and your point is?

"Massy lr is dumb, boring and should be removed"
“i don’t like it, it’s boring and it’s not fun”

summary of what u said

ur fucking delusional, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it should be fucking automatically taken away

i’m going to say what u just said in a different example

“csgo is a shit game, it’s dumb and boring and thus i believe it should be deleted”

it doesn’t make fucking sense does it?

there’s a massy lr and people choose it because they want to, they shouldn’t have that being taken away from them
I like the massy lr
I think massy LR is quite fun actually, as I am lvl 4 vip and used it plenty of times. I don’t think you can truly have an opinion on something if you haven’t used it yourself and just seen other vips who spent a good amount of money to do it because it’s a fun feature.

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