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Admin complaint towards 2 (or more) incompitent admins
Admins name : dotx, qazza, any other admin on at the time

Time of incident : between 3:15-3:35pm East Coast Time 29/06/19

Evidence : on the demo page, multiple witnesses

Details of the incident :

There is often a time when someone joins CT and doesn't have mic. I understand for admins its hard to do constant mic-checking and after a while it becomes common place to skip it for a few rounds and let things go on. Two players on the team, cloud and moderngamer12 are 2 players who should not be on CT. Cloud had no mic and MG12 didn't use his mic at all + he's a kid and doesn't have any idea what he's doing.

I go on CT ready to warden as I have a mic and as I'm doing my orders I ask for a mic check, in which Cloud fails to respond but MG12 does. Dotx, instead of listening to the multiple CTs who said cloud had no mic, slayed me and kept cloud on. How the fuck is this competent behaviour from an admin?

Admins need to listen more to CTs and others when players don't have mic and not slay/swap the wrong people.

Please identify the round/map this happened at bare minimum. Without evidence its just he said she said.
(29-06-2019, 05:56 AM)IVORK Wrote: Please identify the round/map this happened at bare minimum.  Without evidence its just he said she said.


Last ~6 rounds before map change from memory, the demo page has everything but it's not he said she said
This will be discussed with staff, thanks.

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