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Please ban me and goodbye
Ok so, I have played on jb communities for the last six years of my life on and off under many names and across multiple servers having wasted far too many days worth of time. Over this time I know that I haven't been known on this server and those that do probably don't like me cus ima kind of a cunt and I don't make an effort but wanted to say goodbye anyway as a way to put things to an end. My reason for wanting to end it with a permaban is so that the addiction can't start again (now that this is only good jb left, rip KZG's past glory). I know this isn't the standard way to end it, but I have tried uninstalling CSGO and tried to focus other games, but I always end up coming back to a server, and I feel that a ban is the only way to end the addiction. 

So from a kinda veteran of the game, my LR is a ban from DS jailbreak

Yours sincerely dust, josh, zzz, Tubby Tuke, JDS, Toim, wolf, (7)phil, tea, PlatinumPulse
"So from a kinda veteran of the game"

sorry nigga who?
Accepted Closed.
whoever you are, good bye and good luck
who the fuck are you?
My Strange Addiction: CSGO Jailbreak
bruhemian rhapsody
I’m the real dust
nigga had 10 names

Click here to add me on steam

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