Domination Servers
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#cool-memes-and-media - APPLICATIONS
I have a vast knowledge of media and I will post high-quality definition memes. Thank you
[Image: tumblr_prscxgLaf71wucmq1o1_400.gif]
pls add me
[Image: tweet.png]
I made a wonderful meme about a disabled lady, I feel like this fits with the positive mentality of Domination Servers.

It also had avengers in it.
I am willing to offer proof if needed. Wink
Notice how most of the people that have posted here are the ones the channel was made to avoid..?
I would like access to cool memes and media because I get my high quality memes from Reddit’s well known subreddits r/memes , r/dankmemes etc, as well as I will not misuse this channel for low quality memes. Thank you for reading my response and I hope I can contribute to cool memes and media
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTceXXcxc9qETOmGpUHO...Av6w_3of0Y]
Yikes. #cool-memes-and-media is gonna be full of Boomer humour.

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