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Bye Xeno, hope you have a good life ! :)
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This is so toxic

I love it
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Bye xeno have good time
bye bye
@Garfield bye bye
[Image: 6WtW4kF.png]
Thanks Hyphen
(03-06-2019, 12:32 PM)Hyphen Wrote: Take notes pfag this is hos you say bye,


have a good one xeno <3

also molesto, this kid has been apart of this community way longer than I have, its safe to say people WILL miss him
preb lord
yeah good advice; gag on staffs cock and people will liek u

im kidding luv u xeno good luc k with life
cya brah
- h0wLze, Civil Rights for Christian Gamers (C.R.C.G) activist.
I love you howls and I will miss you so very much :'(
Will miss you
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