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Yeah, it was really fun guys.
I know it's sudden.
I had so many good times on this server.
I met so many wonderful people and friends.
No other server in the world can come close to DS. 
I know I was mean to some people, but I never meant it.
I don't really have a legacy or anything, not a positive one at least, like other people.
But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I gotta focus on school, my future career and aspirations now.
I don't want to be left wondering where all the time went.
I gotta get that fat ATAR so I can follow my dreams.
Maybe I'll come back one day if the server is still running, but for now, this is goodbye.

Cya everyone, I love ya.

P.S: thanks for all the nice comments everyone. i seriously appreciate them. Also I'll allow you guys to call quaddeh 'h0wLze 2' now because he is clearly inferior and in my shadow. Kidding Smile

P.S.S: i miss everyone apart from deskjet who can suck my little penis alright bye fr this time last edit
- h0wLze, Civil Rights for Christian Gamers (C.R.C.G) activist.
goodbye  h0wlze, i wont forget the amazing aplicix round video you kindly shared to us

much love, samuel
You guys are lucky you won't have to deal with him anymore. I still do... F
Howlze u were the person who taught me how to play jailbreak thank you good luck with your life i hope we can chat later on in life but i hope you do well. We will miss u here on jailbreak. Please dont ever look back keep heading forwards.

One of my favourite players on ds, I’ll miss you a bunch dude
"Can we get a Helllll yeahhhh!!!!! Crycelia!!"
[Image: yFser3p.jpg]
gl you'll be a great science teacher xoxo
[Image: 14DtX0s.gif]
lol eunha

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