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how many ct bans equal to a perm ct ban?
just asking a question. i have less than 13 bans btw thx.
All you need to know is that your next ban could be permanent.
[Image: wb_transparent.png]
Depends on lots of things. Number of bans, length of bans, time between bans etc. But yes, permanent ctbans usually start including you getting server banned for a period too.
[Image: 76561198169992125.png]
speedy u just got another one, u could be long   gone soon
What is the range of the amount of days a ct ban could be?
could it be as long as a month?

just wondering
All bans can eventually result in permanant bans. either from CT or the server as a whole. As a note constant disregard for the rules as either T or CT can result in server bans so don't think that just cause you've only been punished with CT bans in the past that you wont eventually be Server banned. it'll come ;)

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