Poll: Server Hours
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Make a new server where only players with over 200-250 Hours may Join
8 34.78%
Same idea as above but with 75-150 hours
2 8.70%
Same idea as above but only players with 275-350 Hours May Join
1 4.35%
Replace Server 2 and add an hour minimum to join as per above
3 13.04%
Fuck that idea
9 39.13%
Total 23 vote(s) 100%
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Server where only >200 hour players can join
Hi there, I thought it would be a ''good'' idea if there was a server where only players with a set amount of hours can join, if they reach under the limit, then they would simply be redirected to server 1

Also I understand that making a whole new server dedicated to this would not be the best financial decision as some players will not be able to join the server and it costs money to run the server
[Image: IogCSUu.png]

I like how you are thinking, yes a server for older players may seem practical as server 2 is always full of young new players but for a successful server you need a strong balance of good players, bad/new players and the >100 hour players. This balance means newer/inexperienced players can observe the more experienced players and learn how to do varies things such as Wardening/CTing. This balance also keeps things interesting as a server with only experienced players will get boring after time. As I stated above, I like how you are thinking but it wouldn't work. This is purely my opinion, I would love to hear others opinions but at the end of the day it's ONIONZZZ's decision.
1000 hours+ only server ty
custom whitelist vip servers is a 10/10 idea
This isn't even worth replying to, yet here I am
honestly i think it is fine just they way it is
the contrast between good and bad players makes it better imo
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