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CT Ban Appeal

Name : sub.

Steam ID :

Server: JB Server.

Reason for the ban : So I have been making some stupid mistakes lately to impress other players. All of these mistakes I completely regret and wont do again. One of the mistakes I made a few times was a massy, but now I regret doing it. It was my 8th massy and now I am perm banned on CT, I would really appreciate if I could get unbanned. I promise I would not do it again

Why should I be unbanned: As I was banned 1 month ago, I felt maybe I could post an application to get unbanned. I promise that I will NEVER massy again, and if I do im happy to get perm CT banned again. It was a stupid idea from my end. And it's not worth not being able to play the server.

Sorry to anyone that I upset.

My apologies.

Thanks for taking time to read this Smile
Hi, it is your 4th ban for mass freekilling. The last was two months, you will not be able to have the ctban removed prior to 3 months from the original date of ban. Appeal after 3 months had elapsed. You have had more than enough chances so why should we be lenient? Should you mass freekill again once you've been unbanned,  you will be permanently removed from the community.

Denied, locked.

Edit: You have been permanently banned and had your VIP removed for ban evading.

[Image: b_560x95.png]

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