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j breakfast
Admins name : J breakfast

Time of incident : 5PM 10/5/19 NZD time

Evidence :             (round 2-1)

Details of the incident : J breakfast starts a Eye spy to determine who will knife shawsie first in his custom admin game
now after my and my fellow non rebeling T don't guess he states that if we do not guess by 0.55 or something he will kill us, so when it come 0.55 he orders the cts to kill the 2 non rebellingling t's and tries killing them himself. Now I know from past experience that this is not allowed as I have seen Turtle slay Agent 47 for doing it before. Now J breakfast has been a part of the DS staff team since 13th Jan 19 and a part of the community for even longer and should know the rules after being on the staff team for that long, however after I question him on it he just calls me a retarded in admin chat and leaves! I think that J breakfast should be punished for these actions with some sort of demotion from his staff position or at least a ct ban for ordering his cts to massy the T's with no valid reason to do so!!!!!!!
vent cell hyphen spray
Hate to rat you out, but you guys were purposefully delaying the round by not playing the game. You even said in team chat to the other T to delay.
J Breakfast gave you multiple opportunities and ample time to participate in the eye spy.


EDIT: I think what I'm trying to say is that by refusing to play the game you were actively rebelling
Denied. Closed.
Craigy, if you are ordered to actively guess in the eye spy and you do not, then he can kill you as this is counted as a delay. You have 1.2k hours on this server and you should have a clear understanding by now...
Aplicix eye spy is a game in which the cts put a letter in the chat which is the first letter of a object that has been selected , the T's goal is to locate that item and then put it in chat first t to do so wins the game you can not force the t's to put in an answer for eye spy as the t's could still be looking for that object and thus have no item to put in chat silly!!! 

also I have seen turtle slay agent 47 for doing this before so... your point?
vent cell hyphen spray
I don't exactly remember when i slayed agent 47 but i believe it was because it was very difficult and he was going to kill them for not getting it right by a certain time or something
So, just to reiterate, because I think you missed the point, you and the other T weren't actively guessing at all.
You were refusing to play eye spy even though it was the order. If you two were actively attempting I think everyone would agree that it would have been 2 freekills.
The letter was F, the word was forklift. There was literally a forklift in that room right in front of where you both stood. I was a dead T and could even guess it without trying.
I don't get why you got butt hurt over a single round that you were actively delaying in, you could have simply rebelled with the aks if you didn't want to play eye spy.
+1, The only way to get Big Gambino back is by demoting J Breakfast.
Hi, I watched the demo, you were told to do an eyespy, neither of you participated, so you both got shot. There were no rule breaks here. You were not following orders.

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