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CT Bann
Dear all administrators,
I am very sorry that I did Massy by FF, I know most of the people who say sorry aren't really sorry and may do it again, yet I swear on behalf of my account that you will hear nothing like this every  from me or an admin. Please DS server admins, you will never see such a big mistake again. 

Thank You and I wish you good luck in everything you will be doing in the future.

Name: Default

Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:166095642

Sourcebans or CTban: CT bann

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Massy by FF

Banning admin: Jas8621

Why should you be unbanned: Since I put it on my self that i did such an idiotic thing, and yes I've learnt a lesson, hence this well never happen again.
Based on your actions following the ban i believe this apology to be a farce. After being banned saying things like "i did nothing wrong" and "Worth" then bitching when I get back from confirming you did activate the FF and bitching that you did nothing worth CTban isn't exactly showing me that you regret activating FF resulting in the mass death of t's.

Based on this I'm Denying your unban request and I urge you to use the rest of your 7 day ban to reflect on your actions and how your attitude towards the staff team and your punishments reflect on you as a person.

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