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Steam ID::[/url][url=]

Sourcebans or CTban:ct ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban: 'duplicate acc

Banning admin: Panel

Why should you be unbanned: what is this duplicate acc this is my main lol

oh and to note i removed my name history for the second time
Ok so looking into this it seems you were banned for Ban evading.

When your main account was banned for Mass freekill last month you attempted to ban evading using an alternate account under the alias Mr whacky. Our auto detection system noticed this and permanently banned the account for ban evading.
Since then you had not attempted to join ct until tonight where the system again had detected the previous permanent ban from your last attempted ban evade and then led to your Main also being Banned permanently.

Do you have anything to say regarding this?
The account in question is this one
[Image: b_560x95.png]
wait what thats my friend xd lol i used that mr wacky to friend deathmaster again ( btw i wasnt ban evading as it hasnt even played on ct )

as deathmaster blocked me

Anddddddd the mass freekill expired then another one hmu

and when the 'mr wacky' played, I wasn't banned off the site

nor trying to play ct
Well your information is incorrect considering your last CTban on your main was one month in length starting from the 07/04/19 and Mr Whacky received the CTban for evading on the 24/04/19. Clearly within your ban term.

Feel free to confirm this information yourself here:

As you have admitted to this being your account which matches with the information we have already collected I have no choice but to Deny your unban request.

Please do not appeal this ban again for at least a month.


Thread will be left open should you have anything else to say.
what i never attempted to join ct though

on that mr wacky acc

+ i wasnt ban evading what both accs were on the same time when I even used that mr wacky dude

+ idk why that got hit with a ct ban considering ive never played on ct ( as stated a lot of times )
You've provided nothing new the ban will stay don't reapply for a month at least.


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