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Unban Request.

Name : The Future Is Islam

Steam ID :

Server: JB Server.

Reason for the ban : Killed 1 T for a reason, but it was a wrong reason, and 1 T without a reason. 2 Mass kills for secret vent, I didn´t know I was not allowed to mass kill a cell with secret vent.

Why should I be unbanned: I will make sure I do my best not to break the rules again, I love this server and the community, everyone who knows me or remembers me loves me too.

Sorry to anyone I may have caused inconvenience. 

My apologies.

Thanks!  Heart
please use the template
(04-05-2019, 02:19 PM)Turtle Wrote: please use the template

Sorry, I updated it. Hope it looks good now.
Hello Islam, I will unban you (from the server, not CT) on the 21st of this month as this is the date you last ban evaded.

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