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Applying For Admin
Peace and Greetings DS Administrators,
Since I've started playing on DS servers, I've never played any other game, the passion and the fun is just incomparable. My real Aim is to promote the DS community and help out basically. I'm mostly active in the morning where i barely see an admin, I feel sad since people ct stack and mic spam, it has happened to me when there was no admin hence everyone stared to mic spam and ct stack. It was horrible, until i belive it was mitan or PMartion who came across and settled the server down [my ears weren't feeling very well. I swear on behalf my account that you guys will never hear a complain on any of my decision that i make as an admin. I really want to make this server player friendly, and i really want to STOP bullying [has happened to me in the couple of days]. 

I appreciate your time, furthermore i wish you have a good day. Heart

Lots Of Love Default or Justin [real name BTW].
I don't know if you know this but you don't post staff applications here go to the portal
go to here to apply

thats where you apply

good luck
Thx for the link
As others have already said, make your way to the portal and apply there.

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