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Lemons ( STEAM_1:1:207379116) | Ban Request
Name: Lemons

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:207379116

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Time of incident: 14/10/20 9ish AEDT

Reason for the ban: He's a freekilling dud nazi that doesn't understand what a delay, detour or 5ft are.
I was going to medic as ordered. Didn't stop running. Didn't even turn just sidestepped for 5ft.


Hi Squirtle,

Upon looking at your supplied video, I can see that you have cropped out the part where the CTs have given orders. Thus I must determine that you are meant to be in medic.

Upon looking at your starting point in the video and the location of medic in trajectory of your line of sight, I can determine that you MOVED from said trajectory aka DEVIATING from the quickest route to ATTEMPT to knife two CTs.

5ft in CS:GO is not that big. 5ft is around knifing distance (I have tested this myself, we have a 5ft detector plugin in-game). So if it truly was 5ft you would have not DEVIATED. Thus it was not a freekill, as you clearly detoured from the order.

I have supplied some code below to calculate the distance between players:
PHP Code:

distance GetVectorDistance(clientOriginsearchOrigin);
distance 0.01905;
dist dist 3.2808399

Thus 'dist' is the distance in ft between players.


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