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Nafrattle ( | Unban R
Name: Nafrattle

SteamID or Discord ID:

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: i was banned because i always freeounded the prisoners (T's), i also did some disobeying their warden orders about their rule. keep micspamming over warden, so i was banned because of disobeying all the rules of jailbreak.

Why should you be unbanned?: it's already been a 1 month of ct ban, from there i learn from the game to try to obeyuing their rule, following their rules what they have in the server. i learn how to be passion about their game

Clearly the issue has nothing to do with learning the rules, its more to do with you disregarding them.

You have 17 Ctbans, which is a clear indicator that you have/had no intention of upholding the rules.



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