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Unban Request.
Name:  Soa

SteamID2  STEAM_1:0:237094771

Server or CTban: MiniGames

Which Server (e.g JB1):  Domination MiniGames 

Reason for the ban:  Perf: 92.6% || Avg: 1.0 / 263.6 || Faze Saviour<229><STEAM_1:1:517436517><> || Map: mg_ka_trains_detach_nc1 || Last: 1 1 1 1 1

Banning admin:  Panel.

Why should you be unbanned: The reason I should be unbanned is because my brother lives with me and he decided to download a cheat. Which I told him not too. And the he got auto banned and I tried  to join the server then I got banned agian. So I really enjoy playing the server and I feel like I should get a unban.

The reason was
The ban is on your account, which means you are the one that cheated. If your 'brother' cheated, your ban would be for ban evading, which it isn't.

Time to be honest or I'll close the thread

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