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[Suggestion] Massy Pass for $20 - Hydrogen - 16-02-2019

So we all know Onionzz is in debt and needs to feed his kids (Revian and Stanley).

I propose a one time Massy pass for $20.

Basically a free massy without consequences. After paying, you must @ in admin chat to lock in the massy. If you fail the massy somehow, there are no second chances or compensation. You will have to pay again.

RE: [Suggestion] Massy Pass for $20 - Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub - 16-02-2019

yes onionzzz needs to feed his kids

RE: [Suggestion] Massy Pass for $20 - aplicix - 16-02-2019

+1 ez massy

RE: [Suggestion] Massy Pass for $20 - Resh - 10-03-2019

+1 Also should be a hide and seek pass, simon says pass and warday pass