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CT UNBAN PLEASE - A lil boy - 02-12-2019

Name: a lil boy

Steam ID: xx21savagexx7

Sourcebans or CTban: CT 

Which Server (e.g JB1): 1

Reason for the ban: Dud

Banning admin: PorkyBear

Why should you be unbanned: Hi admins im so sorry for freekilling when they were just coming at me and camping in gunroom cause i did not want them to kill me. But i just finished reading for 15-20 min the rules. Please admins forgive me and i will try not and not do it again.

Thanks Admins and sorry for repeating this message but a better version this time.
Hope u forgive me thanks!!!

RE: CT UNBAN PLEASE - MaX-PaiN - 02-12-2019

Your ban expires in approximately one hour.

Wait it out.